Gotcha! Part III

Wow!  My third bounty!  I don’t know if I’m hyper-observant or what, but it happened again the other night.

Lady comes to my line, I’m checking her groceries, and I come to a bottle of wine.  I look up at her to make sure she’s over 21.  Oh, yeah, WELL over 21, looks like she’s had a hard life, wrinkled like a prune, bad makeup, just kinda sad looking.  So, as I scan the wine, I realize that this is one of our most expensive bottles of wine at $53.00, and IT DOESN’T HAVE A BAR CODE!!!  WTF?!?   So what did I just scan?  I look at my screen, and it’s showing “Wine Accessory” at $19.99.  Usually, this particular bottle has a bright green PLU sticker, and we punch in the number to get the price.  There’s no green sticker, just the “Wine Accessory” bar code.  That item, just in case you are interested, is a plastic wine bottle looking thing that contains things wine drinkers would use, like a corkscrew, bottle stopper and other items of that ilk.

Just so happens our cash office manager is standing right at my register, so I say to her: “Hey, Gayle, can you look at this for me?”  I explain the situation, and she picks away the bar code sticker, only to find the green PLU sticker!  At this point, the customer is getting kind of agitated, and saying stuff like: “That’s OK, I don’t want it”  “I don’t know how that happened.”  Yeah, right!  You don’t want it lady, because you know you are sooo busted and you know exactly what you did!!

Now, here’s the kinda sad part:  the lady paid for her groceries using food stamps;  she also had items not covered by the food stamps that she had to pay for with cash.  She paid and left.  Gayle made a copy of the receipt to show the store manager what had happened.  Part of me felt bad, because this woman had enough money to purchase a less expensive bottle of wine or liquor.  Why did she try to do this?  I just don’t understand what motivates people sometimes.

I later learned that our store manager had briefly dated her son, and she told us that the woman was an alcoholic, and kinda crazy.  That explains the look, but not the attempt to get a price reduction.  I spoke to a couple other cashiers about this, and they feel they would have totally missed this and she would have gotten the wine.  Maybe she’s even done this before, who knows?

Now I get my third $50 bounty, which comes with the motivation to catch more thieves!  This company should just hire me as security instead of the lame-ass dude they have now, but that’s another post.



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  1. As a retail associate, albeit working in a clothing store, I know how frustrating it is when someone moves a sticker and tries to make it cheaper. Its even worse in my store where there are only a few managers who will stick up for you when you know that you are right. Keep blogging, I’m enjoying it

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