You Need to Hurry Up!

Today, I’m working the express lane, 20 items or less, AND I can actually turn away people with more that 20 items!  That’s awesome.  At first, I didn’t like the express lane.  BUT, then I figured out two things.  1)  SMALL ORDERS  2) LOTS OF COOL AIR BLOWING DOWN FROM THE VENT  Let’s face it: it’s hot in Louisiana during the summer!

So, here I am in the express line,checking out all the small orders.  I’m always the one to chat with my customers, especially the regulars.  I’m doing my thing, and all of a sudden, this is what I hear (from the NEXT customer in line): “OMG, I’m Late!!!!! YOU NEEED TO HURRY UP!

Wait a minute!  I’m busy with the customer in front of me, and it’s NOT you!  I make eye contact with her, smile, and say: “I’ll be with you in a moment.”, and continue with the current customer, who rolls her eyes at the one behind her.  LOL, but I can’t say anything!  Oh, but what I’m thinking!

So, when the “late” lady’s turn comes, she starts berating me, saying things like: “You need to hurry, I’m late”  “Why do they always put the slowest cashier in the express lane?”

Well, lady, you just pissed me off, big time.  I’m not slow.  If you had addressed me politely, said  “hey, I’m running late, what can you do to get me outta here quickly, can you help me out?” I would have done anything to make it happen.  BUT, you just called me slow.  You wanna see slow?  OMG, I acted like I was mentally deficient to the max.  Not only did I scan slow, I made errors such that I had to call a manager for an override, further delaying her happy ass!  But the best part is, she got it.  She’s now one of my sweetest customers.  YEAH!  Don’t piss me off.  I won’t spit in your food, but I CAN make you regret being rude!



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