At work yesterday, the gal next to me, let’s call her Amy, is a very nice college student.  When a customer comes through her line and they have liquor, she ID’s them.  EVERY TIME.  They can be as old as dirt and grey as Methuselah, but Amy cards them anyway.  Actually not a bad practice, since if we sell to someone underage, we can get fined $500, the store gets fined, and we get fired.

So, this guy is buying beer, and she asks for his ID.  Since he is still unloading his buggy, he whips out his license, and flings it down the belt.  She picks it up, keys in the birthday, and flings it back down the belt to him.  Except.  OOPS!
The license skids down the belt and falls into the little slot between the belt and the metal barrier.  Amy tells him: “Don’t worry, it will move down with the belt, and come out in the little drawer I have by me.”    I look at her and say: “Um, no, it won’t.  That only works if it falls down the slot in front of you.”  That’s how the really broke cashiers collect change for their cold drinks.  No, really, and it’s quite gross, as it’s full of onion skin fragments and other detritus that lands on the belt and falls through.

So we end up calling a manager and getting some screwdrivers to detach the metal barrier and retrieve his license.  Mission accomplished about 10 minutes later.  The guy was actually quite gracious about the whole  incident, even taking blame for having starting the fling fest.  Of course, he could afford to be gracious since we were able to recover his license, LOL.

After he left, I commented that he looked a lot like Gary Sinese.  He really did.  The reaction I got?  Who’s Gary Sinese?


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