Gotcha! Part II How I Got My Second Bounty

Another busy day.  Next customer in line is wearing a company uniform, so she’s an employee.  I don’t know her, but that doesn’t mean much.  She could be from another store, or work in the back.  There are many people working behind the scenes, and I just don’t know them all.

We are having a huge sale on canned foods like ravioli and such.  Her order mainly consists of canned goods on sale and other “kid” foods.  I get to the end of her order, and there’s a bag of deli lunchmeat.  I pick it up, and it looks like ham.  There’s a sticker on the front with the barcode & price, and I flip the bag over to scan it, and I see something else (and it’s white) in the bag.   I flip the bag back, and see ham, over again and see white.  I look at her, and say: “Um..what” and she jumps in immediately and says:  “It’s ok, I don’t want it.”  Okaaaay.  I call for a manager, because anything that’s perishable needs to be returned to the area or department that it belongs in.  Manager comes, I give him the bag & just say she doesn’t want it, and complete her order.  After she leaves, I call the manager back and tell him that he needs to check that bag, because there were clearly two different items in it.

A while later, I’m called off my register to be questioned by one of the store managers, Ms. Toni.  She asks me what happened, and I tell her the whole story.  As I’m being questioned, I find out several things.  First, this gal is an employee at our store.  She’s just returned from maternity leave and has been promoted to deli manager.  Second, the “ham” item was a more expensive product than what the label indicated, AND there was some more expensive stuff also in this bag (the white stuff).  So, when this lady comes in tomorrow morning, she’s going to be confronted and most likely fired.  I totally feel like shit!  The manager assures me that I did the right thing, and I know I did, but I still feel bad that this person with a new baby is going to lose her job.   I’m totally bummed for several days afterward even with the promised $50 bounty.  The store director even personally thanked me.  Made me feel even shittier!

But then one of the deli workers asked me what happened, I told him, and he told me that he thought she’s been doing that for a while, and it’s about time she got caught.  I still felt bad, but not as much.


2 responses

  1. I am always amazed at the effort people will put out to lose their job. I’ve seen servers fired over a $2 salad bar upgrade. REALLY?! Is stealing $2 worth of salad worth getting fired?

    New baby or not, stealing is stupid and wrong.

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