Full Moon, Part I

We all know that more craziness occurs during a full moon.  Well, if you are blessed with a job in retail, I am sure that you see even more craziness than the average working stiff.  In my neck of the woods, it seems to start about a week before the actual full moon.

Last night I checked out a lady and her four children.  Their total was $8.29.  She gave me a $20.  I punched in $20 cash, and she then told me she had the change and gave me $.30.  So, I proceed to punch in $20.30 in cash and it now looks like she has given me $40.00.  It was late; I was tired; BUT, I knew better.  Even though the receipt said she should get $32.00 in change, I was at least awake enough to only give her the $12.00 that she had coming.  I wished her a good night, and raced for the restroom.

Upon my return, I see her  speaking with the cashier next to me, who sent her to the service desk. As she was walking to the desk, she shot me the most venomous look I have EVER received, especially from someone I don’t even know.  What’s up with that:?   I asked the cashier what was up, and she said something about giving the wrong change.  Not worried, the service person is smart, and he would not just cough up $$ until he checked with me.

A few moments later she leaves, and again shoots me this really mean glare.  The service guy came over and told me that she basically accused me of punching in the wrong amount so that I could pocket the “extra” $20!!!!  REALLY??!!!  Well, anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a very honest person.  He told me that he said to her that if I really did that, I would be caught at the end of the night when I turned in my till.  She didn’t seem happy with his response.

Needless to say, my tilll was NOT $20 short.  People are just crazy.


2 responses

  1. Yea, a full moon does bring out the crazies. As a former dog groomer, I witnessed even the most mild-mannered pets turn into rabid beasts at the coming of the full moon. Yikes.

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