Banana Lady

So, here I am, back behind a cash register.  Yes, I’ve ridden in this rodeo before.  Didn’t like it much then, and don’t like it much now, but it’s a paycheck and fodder for the crazy things people do and say.

For example, our store takes the bruised, brown and otherwise not saleable pristine bananas, puts them in a bag, and sells them for $1.49 FOR THE WHOLE BAG.  The bag probably containes 3-4 pounds of bananas, with the savings averaging about 50%  or more off the regular price.

This Indian lady, wearing a very beautiful sari comes to my line, places the bag of bananas on the belt, and says to me: “OH, you must be new! I don’t have any money, but I have my credit card with me. But they know me here, and you can just let me take the bananas and I’ll come pay for them tomorrow.  They know me and let me do this all the time.”

Yeah, right!  Not my first rodeo, remember?

I smile at her, and very kindly say:  “I’m sorry ma’am, but if you have your credit card, you can pay for the bananas using the card, or I’d be more than glad to call a manager for permission to let you pay tomorrow.”

She said, “no, that’s ok, I’ll use my card.”


Later, I ask the front end manager about her, and I am told that she tries that scam on every new cashier.  HaHa, she didn’t get me!

Several days later, I am off the clock and shopping, when I see her again.  She stops me and asks where are the bananas in bags.  I don’t see any.  All I see are beautiful, pristine green and yellow bananas.  I tell her we don’t have any bags and that the produce people are gone for the day.  She asks me to make her a bag.  Really?  I don’t think so.  I tell her I am off the clock, but that she should check at the service desk, and maybe they can help her.  Later, I find that she never did go to the service desk.

Every time I see her, she tries to get me to get her banana bags, and I also found out the she harasses the produce people for them.  I mean, come on!  Bananas are probably the cheapest fruit ever.  You can’t pay full price for nice ones?


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  1. This is great! Good for you! Looking forward to many funny/quirky stories. After all, I have never been a grocery check-out person 🙂 Love the first story.

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