Full Moon, Part II

Well, since it’s only June 29th, and the full moon is not until July 6th, I will probably have a few more parts to this topic.  OMG, sometimes people can be so stupid and annoying that I don’t even have the words to describe them.

Today was abnormally busy, even for a Friday.  My take is that because the 4th is midweek, many will celebrate over the weekend.   I normally work the late shift at my store, so from about 9:45PM to close at 10PM, I am the last (and only) cashier.  The next-to-last cashier left at 9:38, warning me that there was a shopper with a very full buggy.  Sigh.  Well, it is my job, and that would have been fine, if she had been the only shopper.

She gets to my line a few minutes later, and that cashier was not kidding!  Her buggy was overloaded.  I do my standard meet & greet & start scanning and bagging.  And scanning and bagging, on and on.  At one point, I look up, and there are about 8 other people in my line.  The. Only. Line.  All of them are glaring at me as if it’s MY fault that they all decided to shop at 9:50PM. Yeah, right!

I finally get to the end of her order, and she gives me a coupon.  Since the coupon won’t scan, I will need a manager’s override.  I send the bag boy (oops, now they are called service clerks, LOL) to get the manager.  The coupon was for baby food, of which the customer had purchased A LOT of.  She seems to think that the coupon should take $.25 off of EVERY baby food item purchased.  I show her the coupon, which clearly states $.25 off 1 item.  My manager confirms that, which only aggravates her more.  She pays & leaves.

My next customer is a young lady with groceries and wine.  I ask for an ID, and she shows me her state ID.  The birthday is fine, she’s legal, but I comment that the picture does not really look like her.  She shows me her driver’s license, which DOES look like her, and I proceed with the sale.  She proceeds to get snarky with me about the state ID, saying that she’s never had problems before.  I explained that it was NOT a problem, just that her driver’s license photo looks more like her than the state ID.  She continues to be snarky, and I swear, if there weren’t 12 people in line behind her, I’d take back the wine & refuse the sale.  No time for that.  She pays & leaves.

The next customer is a regular late night shopper, usually has 5 or 6 items, and is always very sweet.  I apologize for the delay, and she immediately begins commiserating with me about weird/nasty people.  I tell her that people like her are what make this job bearable, wish her a goodnight and go on to the next customer.

Meantime, the cash office manager finally got a clue, opened a line, and was checking people out, making my line shorter.  Hallelujah!

I finally get everyone cleared out but 1 guy, and as I start ringing him up, he tells me that the front end manager is taking care of some steaks for him.  She comes up and tells me to ring the steaks at a certain price.  We are not supposed to change prices, but if a manager says so, we do it.  Get him out, and the manager tells me that he was throwing a fit because we are currently having a special price on whole rib eyes, cut free.  Of course, our butchers go home at 8PM, so no one was there to cut a fricking rib eye for this guy, so he convinced the manager that she should give him the sale price on a regular package.  She was very nice to him, explaining that he could call ahead and have it cut and ready, even if he’s coming in at 10PM, and that sorry, but there was no way she could cut a whole rib eye for him.  So, he says, well, it can’t be that hard, just slicing it into steaks.  Did I mention these are bone-in?  Yep.  So, I explained to him that first of all, the whole thing has to be trimmed, fat & other things removed, then cut AND sawed.  Oh, he says.

I think people plan this, knowing that if they complain enough, they will get something.  A whole bone-in rib eye averages 12 to 15 pounds. The butchers will cut it for free, but you are paying for the whole thing.  Unless you ask, whatever is trimmed, you lose.  I can guarandamntee this guy would not pay $70 to $100 for a whole one.

My manager and I were chatting afterword, and she commented that people really should have a clue about late shopping.  It’s never a problem for us with the last minute person needing necessities like milk, diapers, etc. It’s the fools who think they can come in 10 minutes before closing and do a whole week’s worth of shopping and get pissed at us because we are short staffed!  I thanked her for sharing her thoughts, which were identical to mine – it sort of proved that I’m not as crazy as I sometimes think I am.

But really, why can’t people be more considerate?


Full Moon, Part I

We all know that more craziness occurs during a full moon.  Well, if you are blessed with a job in retail, I am sure that you see even more craziness than the average working stiff.  In my neck of the woods, it seems to start about a week before the actual full moon.

Last night I checked out a lady and her four children.  Their total was $8.29.  She gave me a $20.  I punched in $20 cash, and she then told me she had the change and gave me $.30.  So, I proceed to punch in $20.30 in cash and it now looks like she has given me $40.00.  It was late; I was tired; BUT, I knew better.  Even though the receipt said she should get $32.00 in change, I was at least awake enough to only give her the $12.00 that she had coming.  I wished her a good night, and raced for the restroom.

Upon my return, I see her  speaking with the cashier next to me, who sent her to the service desk. As she was walking to the desk, she shot me the most venomous look I have EVER received, especially from someone I don’t even know.  What’s up with that:?   I asked the cashier what was up, and she said something about giving the wrong change.  Not worried, the service person is smart, and he would not just cough up $$ until he checked with me.

A few moments later she leaves, and again shoots me this really mean glare.  The service guy came over and told me that she basically accused me of punching in the wrong amount so that I could pocket the “extra” $20!!!!  REALLY??!!!  Well, anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a very honest person.  He told me that he said to her that if I really did that, I would be caught at the end of the night when I turned in my till.  She didn’t seem happy with his response.

Needless to say, my tilll was NOT $20 short.  People are just crazy.

Banana Lady

So, here I am, back behind a cash register.  Yes, I’ve ridden in this rodeo before.  Didn’t like it much then, and don’t like it much now, but it’s a paycheck and fodder for the crazy things people do and say.

For example, our store takes the bruised, brown and otherwise not saleable pristine bananas, puts them in a bag, and sells them for $1.49 FOR THE WHOLE BAG.  The bag probably containes 3-4 pounds of bananas, with the savings averaging about 50%  or more off the regular price.

This Indian lady, wearing a very beautiful sari comes to my line, places the bag of bananas on the belt, and says to me: “OH, you must be new! I don’t have any money, but I have my credit card with me. But they know me here, and you can just let me take the bananas and I’ll come pay for them tomorrow.  They know me and let me do this all the time.”

Yeah, right!  Not my first rodeo, remember?

I smile at her, and very kindly say:  “I’m sorry ma’am, but if you have your credit card, you can pay for the bananas using the card, or I’d be more than glad to call a manager for permission to let you pay tomorrow.”

She said, “no, that’s ok, I’ll use my card.”


Later, I ask the front end manager about her, and I am told that she tries that scam on every new cashier.  HaHa, she didn’t get me!

Several days later, I am off the clock and shopping, when I see her again.  She stops me and asks where are the bananas in bags.  I don’t see any.  All I see are beautiful, pristine green and yellow bananas.  I tell her we don’t have any bags and that the produce people are gone for the day.  She asks me to make her a bag.  Really?  I don’t think so.  I tell her I am off the clock, but that she should check at the service desk, and maybe they can help her.  Later, I find that she never did go to the service desk.

Every time I see her, she tries to get me to get her banana bags, and I also found out the she harasses the produce people for them.  I mean, come on!  Bananas are probably the cheapest fruit ever.  You can’t pay full price for nice ones?